Sevylor inflatables and swimming costumes from Plein Soleil suppliers of beach goods in South of France

Some Sevylor items are available in the UK including Boa Buddies which are especially popular. We sell retail but can supply some of the following at nearly wholesale prices for large quantities. Sevylor is a world leader for inflatables, airbeds rafts and inflatable furniture. Inflatable items are also available in England from Sevylor UK Their quality is excellent and you are buying reliability and durability when you trust upon the Sevylor name.

Here's one of their very conventional French mattresses:
Sevylor TO5 French mattress
offering supreme comfort

Here are a couple of the inflatable chairs
which show considerable innovation in their design
blowup chair
inflatable chairblow up chair
inflatable sofa

The Sevylor inflatable double sofa:

The double inflatable airbed is wonderful for a couple and great fun as a pool toy. It's best not used at sea as it's a challenge to manoeuvre
36 pocket air mattress

Here are the conventional Sevylor air mattresses:
Sevylor TO5 air mat
and this one has a window for viewing the sea bed:
Sevylor TO6 airmat with window in pillowTO7 airmattress
As is typical of the firm's products, they also aim for shockingly different styles and a certain chic in their design. Here's one that offers supreme comfort

whilst this Sevylor air mattress aims for the fashionable with a deep crystal transparent blue design that is simpy the coolest inflatable thing to be seen on water:

transparent air mattresstransparent inflatable airbedtransparent air bed

We stock these made by Loisiland:
inflatable box airmatinflatable chair

Please contact:
Plein Soleil by email or by mail fax and phone at 26 Boulevard Marechal Leclerc, ANTIBES 06600 FRANCE - Telephone 04 93 67 39 19 - +33 4 93 67 39 19

If you are in Antibes, we are on the right coming out of town heading for the Salis Plage

If you are wanting air mattreeses for the pool, beach or camping in the UK please click here


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