The Pam Pam is the fashionable fun place for entertainment on the French Riviera

Pam Pam PamPam entertainment
From the outside during the day . . . you might not give the Pam Pam another look

but whether you are alone and want a smile, or go together for a spectacle or want a hilarious family night out . . . the PamPam is the place to be . . . and the height of Juan-Les-Pins nightlife

crowds outside the PamPam
From the hoardes of people goggling outside and the red lighting, one is inclined to get the wrong impression. The Pam Pam is a good family night out and an unsurpassable entertainment.

Occasionally the tribal drumming music inspires momentary terror - (download the music here)

and one wonders if one has been washed up on a far distant shore about to be eaten on an island of cannibals . . .

but luckily the natives are friendly . . . a fabulous lot who are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face . . .
dancers at the Pam Pam

and it's a nightly birthday party for even the youngest of nightlife connoisseurs

(the beer's for their Dad - the non alcoholic fruitjuice cocktails and ice-creams are a wonderful delight)

Led by the maddest and most brilliant of drummers
drummer at the Pam Pam
the band is brilliant, often with the PamPam dancers joining in
Dancing at the Pam Pam south of France

It's an entertaining evening for romantic couples

and the dancing and singing is unforgettable

and continuously energetic

But it's not just all this that brings in the fans till they drop . . .
Sometimes the whole place goes PamPam crazy. They hand out balloons to each table and everyone enjoys flinging them about

Sometimes balloon popper sadists pop each and every one as they land near them on a cigarette or cocktail stick but other times they get flung round and round
balloon fight at the Pam Pam

balloon dancing at the Pam Pam

until they get thrown at the singer who dancers among them and kicks them back to all the adult children in the audience
balloonfest at the PamPam
Come to the Pam Pam! Come and enjoy being a child again!
(Perfect for deprived midlife crisis people wondering where their youth has gone! Enjoy . . . )
And afterwards relax the next day with the tranquility of the best of the French Riviera

Enjoy a birthday!
birthday at the pampam
Bring the family!

Enjoy surprises, savour the flavours, savour your senses, enjoy your emotions - be amazed, be amused, be non-plussed, go wild, be happy . . .

Go mad!

Meet the PamPam team - yes you have to be mad to work here!
Junior at the Pam Pam Junior with Fred at the PamPam
and dream of your favourite girlfriend!
(Your wife knows you're safe here really . . .)

Here's the Pam Pam site to find dates of their events - a place in Antibes for wonderful crepes, a relaxing day by the beach - and a wonderful restaurant for lunch - Juan les Pins by day - Juan les Pins by night - Full information about Antibes and the area - Villa and apartment rentals in Antibes Juan les Pins

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