Juan Les Pins



Cote d'Azur beach in August crowds at Juan
panorama of beach at Juan Les Pins French Riviera beach in August at Juan

If you are going to the beach, the shop at the far end of the public beach

has the best range of inflatables and at the best prices. Some of the other shops charge double!

If you would like to rent an apartment within walking distance of Juan this apartment rental is well situated.

There's lots for young people to do

(and Juan les Pins by night is vivacious):

This nice old art deco building the old Provencal Hotel, fashionable in the 1920s, is to be redeveloped. Charles Chaplin used to stay there. A notice on the outside gives a fax number 04 93 67 27 22 for people interested in buying an apartment there


You might have found this page as a result of the delightful photograph apparently of Juan les Pins in the Cresta holidays brochure for Riviera Hotels (p141).
Garoupe beach not Juan as advertised by Crestaholidays
Click here
if you'd really like to find out where this paradise beach is. However, the Garoupe Plage is under threat from the local bureaucracy - click here to help

If you don't want the razzmatazz of Juan but would like to rent a nice apartment or two in an old villa or anywhere else in a quieter place the the webmaster knows local owners and agents and can put you in touch. Please put Antibes Rental in the subject heading.

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