Squares and Cafes in Antibes

A photographic guided walk tour through the town from the Bus station.

Turning left here takes you up a short road (with a good shoe shop on the left) connecting to Place General de Gaulle whilst turning right takes to to Place des Martyrs

Entering Place General de Gaulle - good cafe on the right.
Turning right you are facing in the direction of the next photo of this square. Turning left out of here down boulevarde Albert 1er takes you past most of the estate agents in Antibes with magnificent villas to buy, down to the Salis Beach and out towards the Cap.

Back into town and Place General de Gaulle. On the other side of this square there is the Maison du Tourisme d'Antibes and the road at the end on the right is where all the banks are with cash machines. Continuing on that road for a few hundred yards takes you to the SNCF train station. On the left side of the square are the bus stops for the bus to Cannes and to Nice and the Airport. (Photo is a deceptive 180 degree view - only look at 1/3 of this image at a time)
Going back towards the Bus station

you see the cafe on the left opposite the bus station exit and you walk past

to the Place des Martyrs. On the way, there are a couple of quaint streets on the right with wonderful soap, olive, toy shops and artists' studios.

where the roundabout and playground is a focus for children in winter and summer and antiques markets are often a focus for adults (and a good shoe shop on the right for both)

From here you can catch the Petit Train to Juan. This is a fun ride which takes you a little around the town and is a very good first introduction to where everything is.


This organ grinder is here most of the time. Please can you give as much as possible to him: he wants to buy a bigger organ to entertain you (costs as much as a Mercedes) and he wants to set up a home for stray cats. He has 30 cats at the moment.

(only look at 1/6 of this 180 degree panorama at one time)
Leaving Le Place des Martyrs we go down a short connecting street with an excellent pharmacy, a delicious boulangerie and pattiserie and a Quincaillerie (hardware shop), the likes of which you last saw anywhere else at least 35 years ago . . . and who can find you anything you need.

This enters into Place Nationale.

where there are good cafes and restaurants in summer and

where children are quite entertained on occasion-

and antique markets on Saturday mornings
There are good newsagents, Chocolatiers and Glaciers too

At the end of the square, on the right is a good fish shop leading up to the Provencal Market, in the middle is the Maxi Bazar which sells all sorts of useful things. On the end on the left there are good glaciers, a pleasant cafe leading to a small square with another cafe

Leading from here one comes at the end on the right to the Provencal Market

Turning to the market and then left takes you to the Cathedral and the Picasso museum, from where one can explore the Old Town and walk along to the Archaeological Museum and thence to the Salis Plage.
Turning left takes you past a nice cafe on the right

down to the old town wall, a small square there with a a fountain and a nice cafe and where often French accordion players play.
In the Spring the Antiques market sprawls along in the lee of the walls.

Through the gateway takes you into the Port Vauban and the Gravette beach.

The harbour can accommodate 2400 boats from small fishing vessels to pleasure yachts and billionaire's toys . . .
On the right is a Greek shipping magnate's ship reknowned for hosting Prince Charles on his holidays. A walk around the harbour (or take the free Navette Gratuite bus)

brings you to the Fort Carre, which is well worth a visit

and from where one obtains the most wonderful view of the town and coast to Nice

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