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The Fort Carre

The Navette Gratuite bus stops at the Port Vauban. There's quite a long walk around to the other side of the Fort to find the entrance.

The Fort itself is upon a hill.

from where there are wonderful views over the Port Vauban and the town.

The site was occupied by the Greeks who built there a temple of Hermes (Mercury) and when the fort was built around 1550AD a chapel was incorporated into the central courtyard.

Left: a main mess room. Right: dormitory

Close-up of oven.

Above: The Prison

View of the Port Vauban from the top of the Fort. The Harbour can berth 2400 boats.

Left: a lavatory

A prison next to the kitchen. Being imprisoned and starved next to cooking smells was a form of torture much relished by the French Army.

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