Whilst the webmaster loves Antibes for his family holidays, he has fond boyhood memories of Menton. Of all places to revisit after all these years, Menton fails to disappoint!

This is the traditional view of the town dominated by church towers. It is one of the most picturesque of the coastal resort towns on the French Riviera, paralleled only by Antibes.

Every morning fresh food is available at the market.

and walking through the narrow streets (passages?) of the old town never fails to delight . . .

After preparing oneself at the drinking fountain,

a short walk up the hill

past picturesque streets

leads one to a most wonderful set of steps. They slope slightly and, as a child I found them most tiresome. However, they are paved unforgettably with pebbles in a most distinctive design. There are steps down from here directly to the beach and there's a good view from here to the port,

the beaches and the marina.

At the top of the steps is a square, made again of this wonderful pebble design, looking out over the bay towards Italy.

The churches whose towers dominate the town are here.

Turning right one can go directly up into the old town or one can go up the hill to the British cemetary and then back down through the passageways.

At the bottom of the hill the port is still a working port. The webmaster has childhood memories here of fisherman mending their nets and seeing urchins being prepared for eating.

The Marina is a new addition to the town

and when it was built new artificial beaches were constructed.

They are not the webmaster's favourite beaches as they're stony - but they're pleasant enough and, importantly, it's a calm bay shielded from westerly winds. These photos were taken at Easter - so expect these beaches to be packed in Summer.

In the centre of the old shopping part of town there's a square with cafes on both sides. The webmaster remembers musicians with accordians singing here in the evenings years ago. There are often antique markets here in the daytime. There's a Carnival through the town in July and a series of orchestral conncerts.

Shopping in the town is good and for children, the roundabout is one of the webmaster's sons' favourites along the whole of the coast.

If you would like to stay in Menton has clients with holiday villas to rent.

All these photographs were taken with a Canon S10 digital camera. The pictures here are 75% compressed - the originals at original sizes are of superb quality.

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