Plage Keller Cap d'Antibes

Wake up to a perfect beach with a perfect view!

But there are nicer places on the Garoupe Beach to do so. The town Mayor is ruining the character of the bay, giving Keller an unfair advantage. The webmaster's father says that Keller is the most expensive restaurant on this part of the Cap.

Whilst many people love sand, especially the children, others don't like sand between their toes. So instead of you having to fight for space in Nice we have a jetty here so that you can relax on your mattress under a parasol with the sound of the water lapping beneath you . . .


Especially with the Mayor's re-arrangement of the beach, Keller are now so successful that, after not paying the webmaster for his work for three years under various pretexts, they decided they did not need his work and casually announced to him that they were "cancelling" their arrangement with him.

Other French restaurants on the Cap are more honourable, gentlemanly, peaceful, better value and recommendable with more secluded beaches from which to relax whilst watching your children play in the water.
However, if you really want to see bright yellow . . . Their behaviour is rather like sitting down at one of their restaurant tables, ordering a meal and walking off as soon as the food is served and without paying - "We've decided that we don't want to eat anymore, thank you" . . . Enough to make a dedicated chef see yellow . . .

After baking yourself for a morning we can bring you a snack for lunch - even a grilled steak - on a tray to your mattress in delightful decadence, or you can come to our tables for lunch.

After having cooked yourself for a whole day, there's nothing like experiencing the best of French food and French cooking from Cesar's cuisine.

Our waiters are helpful and aim to give you the best of service . . .

(The sunday lunch buffet after hungry people had descended by 4pm)

Just imagine dining with this view . . .

And in the evening whether with a table for two or for a wedding banquet . . .

If you would like a wedding celebration here in the evening, you couldn't find a more romantic place. Just send us a fax +33 4 93 61 01 50 and mention . Si vous pouvez ecrire en francais, c'est merveilleux, but if not, don't worry - will will be able to understand you.

It's just as romantic . . .

Email the webmaster if you would like to stay locally.


Winter is unkind to our beach. Although often people come to picnic on the beach on Christmas day, whilst we are used to calm seas in summer, sometimes the winter is viscious.

Mountains of seaweed have to be cleared away

And we sift all the tons of sand for you so that we can guarantee you the cleanest beach you've ever experienced . . .

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